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JarBox Basics

Why was JarBox created?

After years of frustration with storing and protecting her canning jars, Jeri McFarlane decided it was finally time to do something about it. See "About Us" for the full story.

What is a JarBox?

A JarBox is a specially-designed plastic container that keeps your jars safe, clean and organized. It can be used as a one-piece shell; or, two shells put together make a JarBox.

How big is a JarBox?

The Pint size shell is 18.25" x 13.13' x 2.75". The Quart size shell is 20" x 14.50" x 3.75". Double the height if snapped together as a JarBox. Two shells nested together add just about 1" in height.

What's the difference between a shell and a JarBox?

What's the difference between a shell and a JarBox?

Are JarBoxes dishwasher safe?

Yes! You can even wash them out with your hose if you want to : )

Why should I use JarBoxes instead of cardboard?

JarBox has quite a few advantages over plain old cardboard boxes:

  • If a jar leaks, the bottom or side won't fall out of JarBox.
  • Mice and bugs will have a VERY difficult time trying to nest in with your jars.
  • You can put JarBoxes in your root cellar.
  • You can CLEAN JarBoxes.
  • Jars closed in a JarBox cannot contact each other -- even shaken side to side or upside down.
  • They stack.
  • They nest.
  • They are mobile.
  • They prevent breakage.
  • They are designed to be heirlooms!

Do I need to “break in” my JarBoxes?

Yes. This is very important! JarBox latches are designed to be stiff when you first start using them because they relax over time. Our recommendation is to place your fingers in the space in between the shells just to the "latch" side of the corner. Then, slide your fingers toward you (and the latches) until the latches release. You can do this with both sides at once or one side at a time. If you release just one side first you will easily lift the other side off. That way you can "break-in" the new latches gently providing for a lifetime of use.

What's the difference between a shell and a JarBox?

Each JarBox is composed of two identical shells; a shell is 1/2 of a JarBox.

JarBox design & engineering

Can they accommodate quarts and pints too?

JarBoxes will come in a "family" of sizes. Available now are the quart and pint size. Each size holds up to 12 jars.

Are there bottoms and tops? Are they interchangeable?

The "top" and the "bottom" are the same in design. It is called a "shell". So, two shells put together make a JarBox.

Do JarBoxes work with both wide and regular mouth jars?


What are those half-moons with a hole above them around the edges?

Those features are intended to provide a way for you to secure lid-to-bottom, box-to-box, stack-to-trailer wall, box-to-shelf... you name it! Some have used those little 4" zip ties to secure top-to-bottom when they are taking JarBoxes camping or storing them for long periods of time. You can easily use even yarn or shoe laces or twisty ties or whatever you have laying around to secure the top to the bottom for additional strength.

JarBox Stacking

Are JarBoxes designed to stack?


How do you stack JarBoxes?

They do stack and lock well! Those little locator rings (circles and semi-circles on the outside surface) really do their job. When you set a JarBOX on the top of another you will hear it "snap" into place as it locates. If you set it slightly off at first you just have to move it around a little, or locate it, and you'll know it's in the right place when you hear the "snap" and feel the connection. The fit is secure enough that you can't just push them off of each other with a casual "Get outta here!" type nudge.

How stable are the JarBoxes when stacked on top of each other? How high can you safely stack them?

It isn't possible for us to know all the different circumstances and conditions they may be stacked in so please take notice of your areas and surroundings as you use them. If you have ANY question as to the stability or travelability (is that a word?) of your Jar Boxes, rethink your plan. You can take advantage of the features that allow you to zip tie or bungee or paracord or whatever you want...them to themselves, each other or where ever you have them stored or are transporting them. The idea for those "half moon" shapes with the hole above came from Neenee's (Grandma's) need to secure them in her RV and our need to secure them in our truck when we take them camping and in our trailer when we moved. JarBoxes are designed to stack on each other. Stack responsibly!

If empty, will they stack inside themselves?

Empty JarBoxes nest inside each other to save space and shipping costs.

What kind of fasteners connect the top and bottom together?

There are two latches at each end of the JarBoxes, one on each side of the handle (so four all together). They are arranged male/female opposite so you can put the top tote on without having to figure out which way it goes on. JarBoxes also have additional securing methods provided, allowing you to secure them with zip ties at the half moon/ hole features. Some people have used yarn, shoelaces, twisty ties....or whatever they have laying around to add that security in times when they needed extra. There will always be a way you can secure your top JarBOX Tote to the bottom one.

Why people love JarBox

Our customers love JarBox!