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In the last 100 years, two inventions have revolutionized the canning industry, the steam and water bath - which allows you to use the same canner for both steam and water canning projects - and JarBox; the brainchild of Jeri McFaralane.

Jeri was an avid canning enthusiast who - after one too many broken cardboard boxes and years of frustration - decided to create something that would store and protect mason jars effectively.

Sadly, Jeri passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2019, leaving the company and Jarbox tied-up in probate court. Once the legal stuff ended, the company reorganized under new management committed to honoring and carrying on Jeri's legacy and to her invention, Jarbox.

Hi, I'm Jeri!

Every year my Mom comes to Wyoming, where I live for the summer. We preserve fish, wild game, veggies, fruit…you name it! Those are some of our peaches, salsa and stuff in the pictures on this website.

Each year I got frustrated with the conditions I would find my jars in -- both as I used the goodies throughout the year and when it was time to get ready for Mom to come for our summer of fun.

I had to stuff all kinds of newspapers, old paper bags or whatever I could find in between my jars just to halfway provide some stability in my old cardboard boxes. Even the boxes themselves had all kinds of duct tape and sharpie messages all over them. Don't even talk about what would happen if anything or anyone bumped into or knocked over one of the boxes!

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It was always disappointing to open the box and count how many jars had been broken and to see what had been lost. Mice had chewed holes in some of the boxes. Spiders and other crawlies had moved in. I'm sure you know what I mean. There was just no way to keep the jars really clean, organized and safe.

Finally, my husband said, "Just get something to use for your jars." So, I started looking. I couldn't find anything that would do what I wanted. So, off to the drawing board I went!

With the help of some really great friends at Legacy Molding and just about two years of designing, JarBOX was born!

My sincere hope is that JarBOX will help you like it has helped our family : )

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