Jarbox Pint

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6 JarBoxes (3 quart and 3 pints)

Pint piece weight; 1.12 lbs. x2 for pair.

Keep your canning jars safe, clean and organized!



JarBox is protective, stackable, and versatile storage for your canning jars. It’s the last storage and protection your jars will ever need.

What is JarBox?
JarBox is a pair of rigid plastic shells molded to safely nestle one dozen (12) canning jars, available in quart and pint sizes. The two shells snap firmly together, encasing their contents safely. The individual shells may also be used separately as trays for jars.

The Right Size:
Large enough to hold each jar separate from its neighbors to prevent breakage, and small enough to be easy, whether regular or wide-mouth jars. Pint-jar sizes are 18¼” x 13″ x 2¾” and are designed to fit smaller jars well.

It’s a Snap:
The two shells of the JarBox snap tightly together, protecting your canning investment. They can be opened by placing your fingers between the shells at the far corners and sliding forward while lifting gently.

Stacked Up:
JarBoxes are designed to be stacked atop one another. Each JarBox locks into the one above it and below it, increasing strength and structural integrity.

Locked Together:
When locked together, the entire stack of JarBoxes functions as one whole. This ability helps ensure the safety of your glass jars.

Keep It Clean:
Not only does the JarBox system lock out pests, the shells themselves can be cleaned when necessary. They are dishwasher safe—and can even be hosed out if you wish.

Our customers continue to surprise us with their creative uses for JarBox. From gardening to storage to crafts, JarBox’s strong quality construction is perfect for an endless variety of uses.

Jarbox Pint


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