Pausing for a Cause

The rise in gasoline and diesel has had its effect on all of us. Some of the effects were expected and some are not as obvious. One of the effects is a rise in the price of plastic. Many people are unaware that the price of plastic recently saw a huge rise with the unexpected weather event and power outage in Texas in 2021; now we are seeing another rise. Additionally, the price of diesel also gets passed down to purchasers in the form of increased shipping costs; something the already troubled shipping industry doesn't need.

We have been struggling to keep the cost of JarBOX down for some time; we don't want to have to raise the price of JarBOX unless it's absolutely necessary. In order to evaluate the issues involved, and to weigh all our options, we will be pausing the processing of orders at this time. All orders that have been placed and paid for will ship as soon as possible, but no more orders will be accepted until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience this pause may cause, we also appreciate your understanding, your patience, and your loyalty.